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Thinking of learning to play the guitar? Come and experience our fun and friendly guitar lessons! At Singtothee: Music Academy, our professional teachers focus on helping you develop the practical skills you need to progress through a combination of scales drills and composition practice. We cater for pupils of all ages and abilities, from novices to experienced musicians. Our classes in the local area are reasonably priced and our teachers are ultra-flexible, so you can arrange guitar lessons at a time that is convenient for you. Call us today to get started!

Musician-led classes

Make the most of your piano through our musician-led classes. We believe that the best teachers are those who have worked as professional musicians, and understand first-hand the best tips, tricks and techniques to improve your playing. All our teachers play a variety of styles, so you’re sure to find an arrangement that works for you. We invite all prospective pupils down for a meet-and-greet with pianists before signing up for a course of lessons, as we understand it’s important for you to get on a personal, as well as professional level.

Master the basics

Master the basics of singing with our beginner classes! Suitable for novices and early beginners, these adult classes are a fantastic way to learn a new skill in a creative environment, as well as meeting like-minded music fans. Under the guidance of a professional, you’ll first master the art of singing, learning about scales and different vocal techniques. You’ll then learn to read and sing simple pieces and may even be able to sing some of your own music towards the end of the course.


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